welcome to the yoga barre! we invite you to move your body with us. we have moves for every mood.

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Start everyday with us, find the perfect flow that works for your journey.

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del mar

The Yoga Barre

Whether you’re new to yoga or interested in one of our barre classes, it’s normal to have beginners alongside experienced members.

We welcome all and encourage you to practice within your own abilities and explore the benefit of movement. 

a hot yoga and barre studio. 

I have been teaching for over 20 years and I've always believed in the importance of putting in the work as well as finding balance. I am incredibly proud to say that I've built a team of experienced and highly educated instructors who share my beliefs. Together we have created an environment that is not only motivational and inspiring but celebrates community.


Whether it's deep relaxation meditation or high intensity cardio, you'll achieve a total body and mind workout. The instructors will help you no matter what level you are at, and they will encourage you to do your best no matter what level you are at.


I love the Yoga Barre studio because it offers more than just yoga.

jacely meza

The Yoga Barre is by far the best studio i have tried out in SoCal.

Nicole has built such a strong community of yogis. Every instructor has their unique way of making each class super fun and welcoming. Definitely recomending checking this place out!

All of the instructors are amazing, great variety of classes, class times, clean studio, and most importantly everyone is incredibly friendly and kind!

Ashley wedding

I have been coming here for a year and it's by far the best studio in town.

sahel ershadi

Started here about 6 months ago and it was the best decision

I've made in 2023! Workout and health aside, the energy, atmosphere and love is on another level at this studio! If you want to workout and find a safe space to unplug, this is your studio!